2013 Dream

2013 Dream

I have titled this as a dream because it still doesn't seem real. After 38 years of being a fan in the stands, I finally took the bull by the horns and got myself in the drivers seat! I have to thank a lot of people for their support in making this happen. This was supposed to be a 2014 plan, but after meeting with a good friend, Jamie Hoskins, from Hendersonville, TN, it all seemed logical and possible to move forward. Jamie's passion for racing is undeniable just like our favorite driver...more
The PRI show sure helped to beat the winter blues!

The PRI show sure helped to beat the winter blues!...

All the cold and the snow couldn't keep people away from the PRI show in Indianapolis, IN. I wanted so bad to go during the week, but you have to pay the racing bill by doing something. So while people kept tweeting and posting on Facebook, I sat patiently doing my job. Thankfully the roads were good and I cruised on over to the convention center on Saturday, December 14, 2013. It was amazing to see all the go fast parts in one place! Now back to the job and if there was only more money to...more
Danny Clark Racing T-Shirts

Danny Clark Racing T-Shirts

The sun is shining and all I can think about is hitting the track in two days at Southern Illinois Raceway for the High Banks Hustle. Yes, Thursday is just practice, but for me it is the first time at the track they call Eldora for micro sprints. I can't wait to let it rip around the top and come flying down the banking! I received my shirts just in time for this event. I would be grateful if you could help me out by purchasing a t-shirt for $20 each. Please contact me through the website...more
Childhood Dream Come True

Childhood Dream Come True

I have been very busy since that special Saturday night on June 28, 2014, when I completed a POWRi feature event at Tri-State Speedway finishing 14th. Just buying pit passes and registering to race at a track that it seems like I went to 100 times as a kid was amazing! Pulling out on the track and having really fast hot laps caused the excitement for race time to build even more because I felt like I had a chance to get a good finish. All that came crashing to a halt on lap 1 of my heat...more


It has been four years since I last posted a news article on my racing page. Watching the World of Outlaws last night at Eldora you could say gave me a little inspiration. It is a beautiful day once again for the 4-Crown event today at Eldora. Not driving or helping wrench on a car allowed me to sit here and enjoy my happy place and reflect on my amazing racing journey that started six short years ago. I have been a lifelong fan of dirt track racing growing up going to Tri-State Speedway. ...more
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