Is it spring yet?

Is it spring yet?

The temperature the last two Saturdays got into the 50's leading racers (like me) to believe spring was on the way, but "not so fast," says winter storm, Titan. I do love winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, but prefer to leave the cold at the resort.

I usually head out West to get my fill of snowboarding, but this year visited Boyne, MI with family and friends. Of course, it is nothing like Vail or Breck, but it has a run for everyone and really is a lot of fun! The best part is it is only 6 hours from Indy and I can take all my own gear; I can also load up the truck with whatever we need. Both times I have been there, there has been fresh snow which is also a treat, so enjoy my view from the top of Boyne.

Now that my winter sports needs have been taken care of, it's time to get in gear for the 2014 race season. Thanks to Bill and Tyler at Bill Rose Racing for getting my car back into tip top shape and ready to, as the cool kids say, "park it!". That is a victory lane with the checkers for us old school kids. With the motor freshened up this year, and now that I have a bit of experience and knowledge, I truly believe you will see Danny Clark Racing in victory lane!

So, is it spring yet? Not yet, but I am ready to gas it once it is!


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