The PRI show sure helped to beat the winter blues!!

The PRI show sure helped to beat the winter blues!!

All the cold and the snow couldn't keep people away from the PRI show in Indianapolis, IN. I wanted so bad to go during the week, but you have to pay the racing bill by doing something. So while people kept tweeting and posting on Facebook, I sat patiently doing my job. Thankfully the roads were good and I cruised on over to the convention center on Saturday, December 14, 2013.

It was amazing to see all the go fast parts in one place! Now back to the job and if there was only more money to buy all these goodies. I spoke to a lot of great people at the show, and some friends that I have made in the racing industry this year. Although I love Shane Stewart's new ride, I really liked the mounting system and capabilities of the Replay camera. Hopefully I can pick up some sponsors before the the month of April and buy one! Also on my wish list are new shocks, headers, pipes, wheels, and why not just a whole new car like that Cale Thomas Engler machine that was sitting in there! It was bad to the bone and hope my new GMS racing engine with Engler injection provides some ponies like that car has.

To cap the weekend off I got to watch the WoO finals on CBS Sports Network Sunday night. Congrats to Bill Rose Racing, who I was there with, on making the show both nights and having a great run on Friday night.

Now back to the reality of working and dreaming of the new season to come!

Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!!


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